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Enacted Science and Mathematics Education through Astronomy

(version française téléchargeable ici)

More details may be found on the LDAR web site of the project. 

Our recent activities are published on this page

ESMEA is a proposal for a European H2020 project coordinated by LDAR/UCP that has been initiated through the MRSEI program of the French National Research Agency (ANR). The consortium includes 8 European and 2 non European countries.

In the course of the project, a selection of schools (or science centres) in each of the involved countries are going to build their own Human Orrery. Those will then be used as starting hubs to build local exemplar network within an open schooling approach, bringing different societal actors together (schools, family, association, companies, policy makers). The dissemination of this new teaching-learning method through will include local training and demonstration inside and outside schools. 


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